Saturday, 20 April 2013

Amazing Butterfly Hatching

Today an amazing thing happened in Room 16!!  

This morning after we had presented our keynote presentation to the Eco-Agents about building a butterfly house in our garden we actually got to watch a butterfly hatch in our room.  It was cool, beautiful, awesome, incredible, unbelievable!  Here are some pictures and a short video showing the butterfly hatch.  

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


A few weeks ago we had a buddy day with our buddy class, R4.  R4 is a Year 1 class and our goal is to be good role models and teachers for the students.

The theme for our day was Easter.

Room 16 made an Easter Egg hunt for the R4 children.  We had to find a spot to hide an Easter Egg and then write a clue that wasn't too easy or too hard for our buddies to follow.  We had fun trying to find good spots to hide the eggs.  Finally it was time for the Easter Egg hunt.  Our buddies were really excited!  We all went out into the junior playground, sensory garden and butterfly shade area to help our buddies find their egg.  It was so much fun.

When we got back to class we got to eat our Easter Eggs - lucky us!  We kept the foil in one piece though so we could reuse it later for decorating our Easter writing.  We helped our buddies write a short story about the Easter Egg Hunt.

Next we made some biscuits with Mrs Melville and made some Easter baskets and cards.

It was a very busy day!

Here are some photos from our day:

Our Butterfly House Plan

Today we presented our Butterfly House Keynote plan to mrs Plowright and Ms Johnston.  We all had a go at presenting a slide from the keynote.  We were all a bit nervous but it went really well!  Mrs Melville was really proud of us and Mrs Plowright gave us permission to build our Butterfly House.  Yay!!!